NFC Business Card Tutorial

How to program NFC enabled cards using Tools for a cutting edge experience


Digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient, high-tech, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards. One way to create a digital business card is to use NFC (near field communication) technology. NFC allows users to exchange information by simply tapping their smartphones to NFC-enabled tags. If you want to revolutionize your business with a high-tech touch, here is a step-by-step guide to use NFC Scanner Tool for iPhone to create your digital business card.

What you will need:

Obtaining NFC Tags

If you're looking to create a digital business card using NFC technology, one of the first steps you'll need to take is obtaining NFC tags. These tags are small, typically circular or square, and contain a chip that can be read by NFC-enabled devices. There are a few different options for obtaining NFC tags, depending on your needs.

One option is to purchase them online from a retailer that specializes in NFC technology. These tags can be customized with your own design and information, and can be ordered in small or large quantities depending on your needs.

Another option is to purchase pre-printed NFC tags that are designed for use as digital business cards. These tags often come with a pre-designed template that you can use to input your own information, and can be ordered in bulk for a more cost-effective option.

Finally, you can also create your own NFC tags using an NFC tag writing tool and blank NFC tags. This option is a bit more technical and may require some additional equipment, but can be a good choice if you want to create custom tags with unique designs or features. Overall, there are a variety of options available for obtaining NFC tags for your digital business card, and the best choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. You can find some options here.

The Two Ways of Doing a Digital Business Card with NFC Technology

There are many ways of creating a digital business card, such as using QR Codes or NFC tags. This tutorial focuses on how to create an NFC business card. QR business cards can also be done with NFC Scanner Tool for iPhone, but for that matter, please refer to our specific post about how to create a QR business card (click here).

There are two different kinds of digital business cards you can create using NFC tags: the online card and the offline card. Basically, the reason why these two different versions exist is because iPhones have some limitations that prevent them from reading NFC tags without the help of a reader app installed on them. If you choose to create an offline digital business card, you will necessarily have to tolerate that limitation: your business card will only be able to be read if the person you are doing business with has an NFC reader app installed on their iPhone. That limitation does not apply to Android users though.

If you prefer to have any person with a phone with connection to the internet to be able to read your business card without the need of an app previously installed, then you should choose to create an online NFC business card.

The Online NFC Business Card

The online way uses the help of a cloud storage tool, like Google Drive, to create your digital business card. Using a cloud storage tool is more convenient and practical because it has the advantage of not requiring the person receiving your business card to have any specific reading app installed on their phone. For example, if you create a digital business card using Google Drive and an NFC tag, the person receiving your business card can simply touch their phone to the NFC tag to open your business card. They don’t need to have any NFC reader app or any other specific app installed on their phone. That is probably the smooth experience you would like to experience while networking.